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Anhui Yuxin Metal Products Co., Ltd. is located at No. 228 Qiushi Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xuancheng City, with convenient transportation and a superior location.

Company Profile

The former name of the company is Wujiang Wanxin Aluminum and Copper Rod Factory, which is located in Qidu Town on the bank of Taihu Lake. It was founded in March 2006, focusing on the production and sales of copper-clad aluminium, copper plating, and aluminium wire. Because the plant area can not meet its long-term development, the company now expropriates the land in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Xuancheng City to establish the company. The company now covers an area of 10,000 square meters and mainly produces copper-clad aluminium, copper plating wire, copper-clad aluminium enamelled wire, copper plating enamelled wire, plastic products, and motors. The company officially launched production of enamelled wire in August 2021, with 16 domestic advanced enamelled wire production lines, and the products are strictly implemented according to the national standard. The main production process is to purchase copper strips and aluminium rods for coating, draw wire, coat, and then finish products.

The company can produce over 8000 tons of enamelled wire of various specifications from 0.11 to 0.80mm per year, and its products are mainly used in the production of electromechanical, transformer, and electromagnetic wire appliance manufacturers. The company's sales mainly focus on large domestic cable-listed companies with stable product performance and superior quality.

Main Products

After several years of development, our enameled wire products have been used in motors (including air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, electric tools, industrial motors), large and small transformers, electromagnetic induction coils, automobiles, electric vehicles and other industries. Various coils such as motors, battery chargers, voice coils, ballasts, relays, etc.


Our Advantage

Reliable quality and customer satisfaction are our constant goals.

We have reliable supplier resources, and high-quality raw materials always provide our customers with high-quality, high-value products.

We have a professional business team that can quickly respond to customer needs at any time and serve our customers throughout the process.

We have an efficient production and management team to ensure product quality and delivery.

We use advanced equipment, advanced production technology and management concepts to protect product quality and supply high-end customers.

Strict quality control and long-term stability of product supply support the long-term and stable development of our company.

Our customers have spread all over the country.

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The factory has continuously introduced the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment, now has 16 domestic advanced enameled wire production lines, products according to the strict implementation of national standards, product performance and high quality. We adhere to the entrepreneurial policy of “survival by quality, development by science and technology and benefit by management”, and sincerely hope to establish long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development partnership with many cable manufacturers at home and abroad!